alms NGO would like to thank you for your time and interest in our causes.

Follow our three step registration and lets make your company an active



Register your company.

Please provide us with basic company info and a small description of your work.

Let us know how many products will include donation.

It is vital for us to know if you are a private or a white label company.

(A private label product is one that can be sourced from a manufacturer then sold under a retailer’s own brand.)
(A white label brand refers to instances where a manufacturer creates a basic generic product or service then distributes it to a large number of retailers.)

If you are a private label you need to register as a Sponsor and if you are a white label company as a Donor. So please follow the link below accordingly.

After registration you will receive an approval  verification email with a link to proceed to step2.


Welcome to alms.

Let's register your products now.

In this step you will need to declare an average selling price and the donation amount. Also you need to choose a Charity Field and a Charity Project for each of your products.

If you wish to direct the donation to a cause of your preference please choose "Any" and someone from our team will contact you for the details.


One more step.

Finally, you need to upload a sample of your product's label according to the specs our team has send you after step2 approval.