10 alms

Give housing security to families in Greece facing homelessness and help them return to a life of self-sufficiency.


Due to the financial crisis Greece has experienced increased rates of homelessness, while a great number of people are at risk of poverty and social exclusion.
It is estimated that over the course of a year, over 20,000* people experience homelessness, 85.4 percent of whom are men aged between 35-55. (3.4 million people are living at risk of poverty and social exclusion).
These individuals and families experience a life-altering event such as a job loss, domestic abuse, or other situations and find themselves where they never thought they would be without a home.
Unlike most perceptions, 40% of homeless have drug and alcohol dependency issues, or have mental health problems. Most individuals facing homelessness want to work and return to a life of self-sufficiency.


In collaboration with «Διογένης ΜΚΟ»  we locate marginalized families facing homelessness. With the support of local Real Estate agencies we secure proper and affordable homes for the future.

alms NGO will use consumer donations to allocate sufficient funds to cover rent and utilities, as well as basic furnishing and clothing expenses, for a period of 12 months. Giving housing stability will eliminate insecurity and give a kick-start to a life of self-sufficiency.