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The situation in Greece has been dire for the past 10 years. High unemployment rates, indebtedness, diminished income, deteriorating savings, are some of the challenges affecting us all, whether we have a job, or searching for one. At the same time, employability requirements are increasing, and many jobs remain vacant due to lack of skills.

To combat this unprecedented phenomenon that has led people living in grim conditions, knowl Social Enterprise for Education and Life Long Learning developed in 2015 Mellon (Greek word for ‘Future’, i.e. ‘Mέλλον’) Skills Accelerator, an award-winning skills development and empowerment program that has improved the lives of hundreds of people suffering from social exclusion, marginalization and poverty by up-skilling & re-skilling them to successfully claim their ideal job.

Why is Mellon so successful? Because Mellon adopts a personalised approach. It aims to strengthen each person individually, in a tailor-made way, on the basis of their own professional profile, their own needs and aspirations, serving their own professional choices, transferring directly applicable knowledge and facilitating the matching of professional profiles with market needs and employment positions. At the same time, Mellon strongly supports and promotes entrepreneurship both as a form of self-employment and a source for job creation.

Why help? Because by buying a Believe bottle, you will help us offer additional cycles focusing on people who are homeless or at the verge of homelessness; refugees, asylum seekers & migrants; NEETs, unemployed & underemployed youth; and underemployed women of single-parent families.

Each cycle will last for 3 months and host 25 beneficiaries, guiding them to identify the skills they already have and how they can be reclaimed and enhanced to apply to different business environments and conditions. Then, more specific professional skills will be developed or reinforced, relating to their new career prospects, offering a minimum of 50 hrs training/ counseling per person, including:

  • Professional orientation, needs diagnosis and goalsetting, personalized roadmap with specialist counselors from the field of Education, Psychology and the Labor Market
  • Upskilling in hard, soft, transversal and digital skills per professional goal and ideal job each beneficiary sets and aims
  • Understanding the value of strengths and skills, market trends and job search methods and identifying alternative personal and professional development paths / choices
  • Implementing vocational training based on each participant’s personalized “road map” (certified training, group counselling, guidance - mentoring, coaching, digital skills, personal strengths etc.)
  • Creating a new CV in English or Greek based on latest international standards
  • Interview Simulation: Experienced Human Resources Assessment and Selection Executives conduct a real interview with the beneficiaries on the basis of their professional objective and position, and then provide feedback on their strengths and weaknesses

In addition to skills enhancement, the programme seeks to find additional certified trainings and foresees the purchase for each and every participant, the “first (interview) outfit”, a laptop to be able to look for work and Internet connection coverage for a year, making sure that upon completion all beneficiaries will have the necessary skills and tools to autonomously seek employment.

Our team, consisting of scientists (mostly economists, political scientists, sociologists and psychologists), has taken on profound research and created the necessary and mature conditions for the successful implementation of this innovative, integrated skills acceleration program, with the support of an extended network of 103 Expert Trainers all renowned and highly-qualified professionals and "knowledge carriers", ensuring the provision of high quality learning experience and effective knowledge transmission.


Believe in knowl’s work and buy a bottle! Support our efforts and become part of the future (‘mellon’) of those who are struggling with poverty, to live a life in dignity. We have already achieved plenty… together we can achieve more!


S.E. knowl launched in 2012, by a team of visionaries with extensive experience in education and lifelong learning, with a mission to build a knowledge-based society and since then has evolved into a ‘trust education brand’ in Greece (and steadily in Europe) providing training, mentoring and coaching to people with reduced economic ability, excluded from the learning processes and/or with limited skills, unemployed, NEETs, refugee, asylum seekers & migrants, women, youth, start-uppers, 45+ and other vulnerable/risk groups, in the framework of a systematic effort and work to support the fight against unemployment, marginalisation and poverty.

Since its establishment, S.E. knowl has offered 23.730+ hours of free education, skills training and mentoring/coaching, to 4.830+ people and has (co)organised interactive educational seminars for 7.800+ participants.

We are a team, inspired by the purpose it serves. A team inspired by mellon!