alms is the first and only charity organization that you can actually trace your donation .

We made this possible by creating the "alms stamp" and the "alms wallet"


β€œalms stamp” works like a virtual currency. It represents the amount of charity included in the wholesale price of a product.

alms engages with businesses from various industries across the globe, in an effort to inspireΒ  companies to incorporate the "alms stamp" on their products and deliver them to regional markets, with the sole aim to share part of their profits for our cause.

Once a company decides to start an "alms project" with us, we open a profile in our system, where the wholesaler can place an order for stamps on predefined products.

Upon order, our system generates one stamp for each product, for it to be displayed on the product label.

Consumers are able to trace the donation included in the wholesale price of the product, by scanning the stamp using the β€œalms wallet” application.



Each product with an alms stamp on the label, contains an ID which is associated with the amount of alms included in the wholesale price of the product. This amount is prepaid by the wholesaler of the product and is reserved in our accounts until donation.

Consumers can trace each donation, by scanning the stamp using the β€œalms wallet” application.

Through the app consumer is able to:

  • Associate the stamp with him and through his social media accounts let the world know.
  • Add the stamp in his β€œalms wallet” for monitoring in real time where and how his money was used for our causes.
  • Connect with alms, the project and the wholesaler, through their social media or visit their webpage.

*available in IOS and Android

*available in IOS and Android